Explainer videos serve as the best way to distinguish a message from the routine content generating methods. An explainer video delivers a message in a simple audio visual format thereby facilitating you to reach out to target audience in a more effective manner.

These are usually short videos that can be used to describe products, services or businesses in a dynamic yet simplified way of storytelling. Explainer videos can captivate your target audience by sharing the information you want to convey in an innovative way.

Our Explainer Video Company Production Process

  • Script – It all starts with a neat script explaining your business in the most robust and simplest way possible. This will form the backbone of the Explainer Video Production Process.
  • Storyboard – It is a pre-visualization sketch of what will happen in the video. A storyboard helps lend meaning to words. As an explainer video company this helps our clients to understand what’s on our mind and it helps us understand how the client’s approaching the project.
  • Style frames – In this stage a few shots from the storyboard will be drawn in final quality. This includes the colors, the characters and objects. This gives clients a small primer as to how the video will look finally!
  • Voice – Over – A voice talent records his/her voice, reading the script and adding rhythm and mood to the story. This phase is essential as it helps us understand the length of the video for timing considerations.
  • Illustration – The characters and other visual elements are drawn in final quality.
  • Animation – This is the magical stage where all the visual elements come to life through animation. The visual elements are animated using an animation software.
  • Music and Sound FX – Finally we add the voice over and sync sound to create a compelling and creative explainer video for your business.
  • The Wrap Up – Everything is exported to a HD high quality resolution for final handover
  • Distribution – Now you are ready to go! Share your video everywhere