Codeigniter is a PHP based open source rapid development framework for web applications. It is particularly popular for building dynamic websites at faster pace. The framework is ideal for developing projects faster as with Codeigniter you do not need to begin writing codes from the scratch thanks to the rich set of libraries for most of the common coding tasks provided by this framework. The framework is further helpful with an easy and simple interface and logical structure for accessing the library.

  Model View Controller or MVC pattern being at the heart of this popular framework it offers great ease and clean development conventions for speedier development tasks. Besides being rapid it is often praised by the developers for being lighter, almost non-resembling any other framework in simplicity and ease.


Some of the features of our Codeigniter Development are:

  • Codeignitor has a rich set of comprehensive libraries which helps the developer to build websites quickly and easily.
  • It helps in making light and high performance websites
  • Quite useful for Content- Oriented Projects