WordPress is a very popular open source blog publishing application. S-Axxis has introduced WordPress Customization Service to serve many website owners and individuals about their necessity to equate the theme of their specific website and Content Management to WordPress. It presents several rich attributes which includes a user-friendly workflow, rich plug-in structure and an innovative templating system.

It is written in PHP scripting language and uses MySQL as a database. It has a templating system which provides tremendous scope for WordPress Customization. It provides for widgets that can be rearranged without editing PHP or HTML code.

We offer various WordPress related services which include:

  • WordPress Implementation and Setup Services
  • WordPress Solution Development
  • WordPress Template Designing Services
  • WordPress Theme Creation Services
  • WordPress Up-gradation services
  • WordPress Hosting Services
  • Custom WordPress Services

Why WordPress:

  • Ease of Use
  • Faster implementation
  • Low Cost
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Easy Customization