S-Axxis Advantage

It'll take you less than 3 minutes to read this through and we guarantee after you have finished you'll but exclaim, "Hey, this makes perfect sense to deal with S-Axxis Software Solutions in terms of cost cutting and standard work!"

 All right, first things first: Are you sure hiring programmers on FTE (work on hire basis) is the right arrangement for you? The answer is simple: S-Axxis offers a novel method of saving your costs, time, effort and do away with the countless hassles of outsourcing - with our 1:3 Saving offer! Our monthly rates are $1250 for projects exceeding 6 months and $1400 for projects less than 3 months. This is how you'll save:

S-Axxis 1:3 Saving Offer means:

  • When you hire one programmer you are allotted an auxiliary programmer for no extra costs to you. These two professionals will work on your projects in turns so that no matter what happens, there is one programmer at any given time working on your project (plus: you have a single point of contact all the time). So your $1250 are utilized highly effectively and the value you derive is much more than what you pay for.
  • At S-Axxis, the programmer you hired will work only for you but that's not all. Our programmers are solution oriented than task oriented. They come with years of experience and knowledge and help you not only finish a task but also suggest improvements that will only add to your success rate.
  • Our programmers will ensure that your work is done in the minimum possible time. Their experience and knowledge is so high that they can complete work in one month what usually takes an inexperienced low-priced programmer to complete in 3 months! You will - save 2 months of work on your part, have faster time-to-market ratio and cut costs by outsourcing to India.
  • This means you hire one programmer for $1250 and you save money, effort & time in 3 different ways!